Past Projects: Scaffolding & Roofing in Cambridgeshire

Past Projects

Here at Sky Hi Scaffolding, we have been servicing all of Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas for over 30 years, and during that time we have completed a large variety of projects. From straw houses to castles, from large building to small properties, Sky Hi can provide an expert scaffolding service to support your building project.


Here are some of the larger projects that we have worked on recently:


Framlingham Castle


Framlingham Castle is a historic estate that was built in the 12th Century by Roger Bigod, the Earl of Norfolk. It has a rich history, from medieval battles to a Victorian workhouse, and now it serves as a tourist attraction with guided tours, run by English Heritage. It also has a more contemporary claim to fame thanks to the Ed Sheeran song, ‘Castle on the Hill’, which references Framlingham Castle in the song and title!


As part of renovations for the castle, we were contracted by English Heritage to visit the site and erect a range of scaffolds in several sections of the castle in order to perform a variety of renovation services. Alongside the construction of a new café and exhibition centre, we also helped to make repairs to the castle walls.


There has been quite a bit of news coverage regarding the renovations to Framlingham Castle, including a report by the BBC which you can find here.


Straw House in Prickwillow


At Sky Hi Scaffolding in Cambridgeshire, we have recently completed some scaffolding work on a unique property in Prickwillow. This project consisted of erecting scaffolds in order to support the construction of the walls and roof of the building. What makes this building unique is that it is made from straw!


As the property was made from materials that are less robust, we had to take great care when erecting the scaffold so as to not damage the straw walls. This took a great deal of planning and diligence and proved just how adaptable we are when it comes to providing our scaffolding services.

This property was featured on an episode of Grand Designs as well as having an article in the local paper which you can see here.

To view some of our other recent projects, please visit our Facebook page. If you have any projects coming up that require any scaffold work, give us a call today on 07825432250 or 01223423166, or send us a message through our contact page, to see what we can do for you.


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