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When it comes to erecting a scaffold for your construction project, there are many things that you should consider in order to determine what type of scaffold would best suit your needs. You need to consider: the location of the building; the size and shape of the building; what work is required, and where on the building you will need to be in order to reach this space; and much, much more. With Sky Hi Scaffolding’s expert knowledge, we can advise you on which type of scaffold would be best for the task at hand, and then erect the scaffold in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Below is a selection of the different scaffolding techniques that we can provide.


Single Scaffolding


Single scaffold - otherwise know as “Bricklayer’s scaffold” - is predominantly used by bricklayers when they are repairing brickwork or building a new property. Single scaffold is best used on smaller buildings due to the lack of manoeuvrability in regards to elevating or lowering the scaffold. Therefore, single scaffolds are ideal for smaller buildings as they offer a stable base for any labourers, and they are easily erected to the required height.


Double Scaffolding


Double scaffolding - known colloquially as “Mason’s Scaffolding” - is perfect for any buildings which are constructed from stone. With any stone building, it is very difficult to create holes in the walls for support logs to keep the scaffold secure. Erected in a different way to a single scaffold, double scaffold makes use of an extra section of scaffolding as support for the rest of the structure.


However, similar to single scaffolding, there is not a lot of manoeuvrability when it comes to raising or lowering the platform, and as such should only be used on smaller buildings or when working on a single specific area of a building.


Cantilever Scaffolding


Cantilever scaffolding is erected by using steel poles, attached to the base of the structure, acting as support for the platform above. As the steel support poles are angled from the base outwards, very little space is taken up on the ground meaning that you are not causing an inconvenience to anyone on the street level. As such this form of scaffolding is extremely useful if your building is located on the main road! As the platform is elevated and secured away from the road, you are creating a safe environment for labourers to work in, minimising the risk of the structure being hit by a vehicle.


Suspended Scaffolding


A suspended scaffold is unique to other scaffolding techniques in that the scaffold is secured at the top of the building, rather than at the base. This means that there is no scaffold near the ground to cause inconvenience for vehicles and passersby. As such, this form of scaffolding is highly useful for tall buildings, especially when the building is on a busy road.


The scaffold is suspended from your roof using ropes or wires. This means that the platform can easily be raised or lowered as needed, and can be used for a wide range of tasks, from repairs to renovations.


Temporary Roof Scaffolding


At Sky Hi Scaffolding in Cambridgeshire, we can erect a temporary roof scaffold for a wide range of needs. A temporary roof scaffold is used most often for any renovation or repair work, or for outdoor events such as festivals or fêtes.


A temporary roof scaffold is erected by fixing the steel poles together to form a large structure that completely covers the required area. The scaffold structure is then covered by a waterproof material such as Keder or Shrink Wrap. This protects the internal area from wind and rain, thereby allowing any building work to take place without the nuisance of the elements. Erecting a temporary roof scaffold whilst completing any construction project can also save you money in the long run. Particularly poor weather when working on a building project can cause problems with materials and tasks which means that they have to be replaced, take a longer time to complete, or require re-doing; all of which cost you more money. A temporary roof scaffold is a perfect solution to avoiding these problems.


Birdcage & Crash Deck Scaffolding


Crash Deck and Birdcage scaffolding are highly useful for completing any indoor renovation or repair work (this scaffold can also be used outdoors if needed), particularly when working in a building with a high roof placement.


As Crash Deck and Birdcage scaffolding are predominantly used for internal building work, they tend to be made from a lighter material than regular scaffold. As such, Crash Deck and Birdcage scaffolding is relatively easy and quick to erect and dismantle. However, this should still be completed by a professional scaffolder as there are certain requirements that must be met in order for the scaffold to comply with health and safety standards.


Birdcage scaffolding is erected by arranging standards at regular intervals - a maximum of 2.5 metres apart - and then tied together using a grid of transoms and ledgers. The top level is then boarded over and secured to create the working platform for the labourers. A Birdcage scaffold should also offer an enclosed working space for any tradesmen, keeping them safe from falling through any gaps in the scaffold.


Edge Protection Scaffolding


When undertaking any type of construction work, the safety of any workers is of paramount importance. That’s why we at Sky Hi Scaffolding in Cambridgeshire specialise in Edge Protection. We can install a variety of different edge protection frameworks depending on what material the fixed structure is made from.


Edge Protection does exactly what it suggests by erecting a barrier around any edges that a labourer could fall off. This helps to prevent any accidents on the construction site. At Sky Hi Scaffolding, we can erect any scaffold with edge protection, as well as installing edge protection on existing scaffold structures.

If you are about to start a construction project and require any kind of scaffolding erected, look no further than Sky Hi Scaffolding. Covering all of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, we can make sure that your property and all contractors are as safe as houses. Give us a call today on 07825432250 or 01223423166 to see what we can do for you.


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