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At Sky Hi Scaffolding in Cambridgeshire, we can provide a variety of roofing services, from slate roofing to tiled roofs. When it comes to fitting or fixing your roof, there are many reasons why you should contact a professional roofer.


Firstly, a roof that has not been fitted correctly can cause rainwater to leak into your home, causing damage to the building’s structure and to any personal possessions that are nearby. Moreover, the damp can encourage the growth of mould which is a serious health hazard.


At Sky Hi Scaffolding in Cambridgeshire, we can offer a wide range of roofing services, including:


Pitched Roofing in Cambridgeshire


One of the most common types of roof throughout Cambridgeshire and the rest of the UK, pitched roofing is a simplistic, yet aesthetically compelling design. There is a wide range of different pitched roof designs that are available for your property, and at Sky Hi Scaffolding we can advise you on what type would best suit your home, depending on your location and the structure of the building.


Slate Roofing in Cambridgeshire


Slate roofing is a traditional roofing practice that consists of laying slate tiles on top of the roof structure. Slate is highly durable and highly attractive with its sleek black colouring. It is also one of the oldest roofing materials and is time proven to withstand the most extreme weather.


However, over time the slate tiles will start to wear down - just like any other material - and will need replacing. Another common problem is the nails holding together the tiles beginning to corrode and loosen. At Sky Hi Scaffolding, we can repair or replace any damaged slate tiles on your property in Cambridgeshire, and we can also construct you a new slate roof from scratch.


Tiled Roofing in Cambridgeshire


Similar to slate roofing, tiled roofing is highly durable and can withstand a range of different weather extremes. Their durability and their low cost are the reasons why tiled roofing is the most common roofing material in Cambridgeshire and the rest of the UK.


While tiled roofing is highly resistant to the British weather, over time the tiles will still require maintenance. At Sky Hi Scaffolding in Cambridgeshire, we can construct a new tiled roof on your home, as well as repair or replace any damaged tiles on your existing roof.


Flat Felt Roofs in Cambridgeshire


At Sky Hi Scaffolding in Cambridgeshire, we are experts at fitting flat felt roofs. Flat felt roofs are most often used on smaller structures, such as garages, extension and sheds. A flat felt roof is quick and relatively simple to install and as such, they are cost effective and simple to replace or repair.


To install a flat felt roof you must first lay a material - known as the ‘carrier’ - over the roof decking. This is a base upon which the next layer can be applied. This second material should be durable yet flexible, and, most importantly, it must be waterproof. British weather can be unpredictable and can fluctuate regularly causing a lot of stress to your roof. Without a flexible yet durable material, the material on your roof will shrink causing damage to your property, and be costing you more money to repair your roof further down the line.


This is why it is vital that any roofing work is completed by a professional. At Sky Hi Scaffolding, we have been installing flat felt roofs throughout Cambridgeshire for over 30 years. We have the experience and the expertise to install any type of roof on your property and can additionally complete any required repair work.


Roof Repairs in Cambridgeshire


Here at Sky Hi Scaffolding in Cambridgeshire, we know how important your roof is to providing a safe, comfortable home for you to live in.


A damaged roof can result in a leak which can further cause damage to your property and belongings. This is also a safety issue, as the damage caused can affect the structural integrity and potentially the electrics in your home. A leak can also result in damp, which aids the growth of mould.

At Sky Hi Scaffolding in Cambridgeshire, we can perform a wide range of roofing services from full installations to repairs. Give us a call today on 07825432250 or 01223423166, or send us a message through our contact page, to see what we can do for you.


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